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'Festo Game' is an point and click adventure game for PC and soon for other platforms as well.

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SNK 40th Anniversary Collection - Posted 1 May 2019

I know this news is a little late, but SNK has recently released the "SNK 40th Anniversary Collection" for Nintendo Switch and it contains Crystalis! This is the only current way to buy a copy of Crystalis, so if you have a Nintendo Switch, check it out!

Town Info/Maps - Posted 10 Jan. 2018

Updated the World page again to display town info a little more cleanly and to include maps (currently unlabelled)!

Progress - Posted 9 Jan. 2018

The Towns section of the World page is complete! All your shop information can be found here!

Progress - Posted 14 Nov. 2016

Finally got a Characters page added. Main characters are up and more info on them will filter in over time. A big upcoming part of this project is to update all of these pages to a more consistent HTML5 standard. That'll be a long process and hopefully these changes won't even be noticed. :) Beyond that I'll be adding more content over time. Thanks everyone!

Work in Progress - Posted October 30, 2016

Work has resumed to finish up my little Crystalis shrine. Stay tuned.

Graphics Changes - Posted October 23, 2012

I've decided to make a small change to how I do graphics on the site. I was taking the in-game graphics and processing them to make them look higher res, but I've decided instead to stick with the original pixel art. I think this looks truer to the game and it also should make site updates a bit easier, and thus more frequent. :)